IELTS Essay no.11: What should the government in your country do to solve the problems?

IELTS Essay no.11: What should the government in your country do to solve the problems?

What do you think the government in your country should do to make your country more successful?

Government is the institution which has the sole responsibility of taking care of the affairs of a country. The government is facing a lot of problems and the problems are having devastating effects on the lives of the citizens. Success is a very hard word to define but we can simply say that success means the achievement or accomplishment of certain goals which a person has set in his or her minds. I think that government in my country should give exceptional focus on some sections like education and business to achieve perpetual success.

The education system of Pakistan is deemed to be one of the feeblest education system in the world with the no focus on learning and only memorizing the obsolete terminologies and definitions. We should robustly endeavor to adopt new innovative ways of spreading education. There is a huge economic disparity in my country which leads 99% percent of the people to be deprived of good education while a low 1% actually benefiting from the process.

One thing can be seen in all the thriving economies in the world, and it is that all these countries are able to offer a good economic policy. World was stunned by the financial success of Japan but they never tried to understand the work behind it. Japanese worked with extreme fervor and that it is the thing which led to their economic supremacy. The government promoted business activity and small businesses were offered good policy.

I contemplate that people in my country have become lethargic and they try to find new ways to deceive another person whereas they do not believe in hard work. Citizens should be motivated to practice their businesses in the rightful way and discipline should be ingrained in to every person.

I believe discipline coupled with good education would definitely make a country prosperous and this is the only policy a country should adopt to take the first step towards economic progression. The above mentioned will also eradicate all the social evils from the region.

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