Essay on the use of Internet in this world

Essay on the use of Internet in this world

Essay on Internet Use

The industrialization and mechanical revolution in the twentieth century brought something called “Internet"-International Network of all Networks. It altered, rapidly the way people use to communicate, live, earn their living, entertain themselves, etc. It took hold of this surface of Earth like a spider's web. A connection became feasible from person to person. Where it is possible to do many things just on a single click; to decide whether Internet is really a miracle-a blessing for the man of twenty-first century, is not that much easy. Since its invention, a debate over its effectiveness is going .With numerous perceptions and it usually ends in fiasco.

Well, the most questionable is its impact on immature, young, growing and developing minds of children and even adolescents. This is not something hidden that thousands of websites contain inappropriate content for them. To an extreme level, they bare pornographic material. And even more destructive things. Thus, young children are flummoxed. Moreover, this diverts their attention from more healthy and constructive things such as education. Young people are ambassadors of their respective country and no country wants to spoil this valuable resource-their future depends on them.

Furthermore, Internet is also socially damaging. Incongruent material has found an unintentional audience. These sorts of web pages do not take moral values, social ethics, decency and any such thing in account. Unfortunately, any person with scintilla of ethics will be surprised by terrifying tales of child grooming and indecent exposure.

This was one side of the picture; the other should highlight the endeavors for preventing these young minds to be exploited at the hands of 'complicit' internet companies. The only immediate step can be taken by the governments. They need to take on an explicitly adaptive style for internet policy. But why some progress is not made. Despite, the fact that many people condemn this. There is something that is being deliberately hidden from all of us. In my opinion it is of course, the elite business class and in Karl Marx's terms 'bourgeoisie', though of twenty-first century. They cannot compromise on such a 'petty issue’. After all, their so-called business depends on the advertisements on Internet. Governments seem to be bound in front of their phenomenal power through the most powerful tool, 'money'.

For now, anyway, most people ruminating on both sides of this contentious issue agree on one thing-there is some content no one should watch in public. Ever. However, in privacy, a strong conscience is required to prevent it, especially among children. Here, more parental guidance and their training is mandatory.

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