Essay on the Transportation System of Pakistan

Essay on the Transportation System of Pakistan

It is solely government's responsibility to facilitate citizens with considerable means of transportation. In Pakistan, the conditions of public transportation are vulnerable. That is why, People always prefer to travel through their own transport if they can afford.

The most commonly used modes of transportation in Pakistan are buses, cars, bikes and railway trains. As Pakistan is well populated country, the public transport is usually overloaded. Few years back, private buses "Daewoo" were introduced which relatively brought comfort to people. There is a great need to execute such more plans. Recently, in Lahore, "Metro" bus service was established, which is helpful in facilitating a number of people. The usage of car is increasing as the public transportation is not well organised, which is contaminating the environment and exacerbating the road conditions. Underground tracks should be introduced to lower the burden of traffic.

To travel nationwide, most of the citizens prefer railway trains, but from the last few years, there is a drastic drop in the performance of railway trains. In the developed countries, people prefer to travel through trains even they can afford to commute through their own transport, because it is quite comfortable and convenient way of travelling. Road planning should be revised and more highway plans should be implemented. But with all the facilities of transportation, there should be a bicycle or walk day weekly to motivate people to stay active and use good means of transportation.

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