Essay on role of Internet in Pakistan

Essay on role of Internet in Pakistan

ESSAY on role of internet

Internet has become very essential part in our daily routine life. It helps in many ways which makes the entire world a global village.Communication gap is not a big deal now a days because of convenient use in our lives.We can learn many things through its usage.Nothing is far from our lives because of internet.It is now considered very important part in our lives. It all depends on its users that how they utilize it in their life. If it is used in positive way it can be very beneficial for the whole world but on other side if we use it in negative way it can also destroy world's peace.

Through internet we can keep ourselves in touch with those who are far away from our country.There are many social networking websites which are very beneficial for that purpose. As it decreases distance which is, no doubt, a healthy and positive result of internet.It is also helpful in education, there are many websites on internet which are providing books on internet through which a student can easily gather valuable knowledge. In short role of internet is very effective and bennficial in our daily routine life which leads us to the other world.

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