Essay on Problems in Pakistan

Essay on Problems in Pakistan

Problems of Pakistan

Every Pakistani knows the simple fact that Pakistan came into being on 14th of August 1947,after a long struggle and sheer determination of our national hereos.They undoubtedly devoted their whole lives for this noble purpose.The highlighting figures include: Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din, Fatima Jinnah,etc.Blood of millions absorbed into the soil as the division of sub-continent was announced and people inundated from one country into another.Finally,with time everything settled down and our very own beloved country moved ahead.But even after more than sixty-five years of independence and freedom from 'Gora-Raj';have we become successful in making our country a viable state?

Unfortunately, to a large extent we are not!I, you and all of us have not been able to tackle with the problems of our country so far.The basic ones include:education, nutrition, poverty, technological advancement due to low-standard of education, recent terrorism.

Firstly, no governmnet has done much for the education-the only key to progress.The national curriculum is not reviewd each year and there is a severe dearth of expertise, will and knowledge in this regard.Thus, the syllabus and method of teaching has become decades old. It does not match the international standard.An issue which is never addressed and when taken into account, only ends without any staunch decision.Whether education should be in English orin Urdu?Three differnent educational systems are running parallel to each other :governmnetal, private, and international curriculla-based private.This creates phenomenal chaos and huge status differnce between the citizens of the same nation.The significance government pays to the matter is evident from the budget it allocate for it -never exceeding 3%(one of the lowest in the world).

Secondly, another burning question is under-nutritioned population. More than half of the population is not getting proper diet. This affects their mental health and pysical capability. Which ultinately, influences our national Growth rate.

Thirdly, the way we are divided is pits of how a country can lack solidarity and sense of nationalism.In lieu of acting and feeling as Pakistanis,we are proud to assume ourselves as Balochis, Paktons, Punjabis and Sindhis.The vivisection and differences on religious matters add fuel to the fire.More than 70 sects of one religion-Islam have been made.In-fighting within ourselves over such petty issues is not only illogical and absurd but woebegone as well.

However, the most crucial and damaging is the recent wave of terrorism.It took hold of the country and now, seems to be beyond the bounds of possibility to be curbed out soon as well.It not only took country's economy into shreds but thousands of precious and priceless lives.Imagine a mother losing his son, just in his twenties, wife her husband, right on wedding's day!Imagination cannot serve the purpose, those people must be asked -we should not dare to even have the foggiest.I remember a five years old girl, waiting for her father to fetch bangles one day before Eid but he, died instead.The child vociferously cried,"When will baba bring bangles"-as the deadbody approached the house.Uncountable such loathsome and repulsive incidents have become scenes of routine life.

By and large, each one of should feel our responsibility being Pakistanis, an acccountability of oneself within ourself is necessary.We on our behalf can avoid corruption and keep ourself on righteous path. On the other hand, our current leaders, on whom a spell of selfishness seem to have been cast by some "international" money-providers, must come out of their shells and endeavour for working out the solutions to these alarming problems. I am very hopefully, looking forward to a progressing and bright Pakistan.Surely, a new sun will rise and shroud the black clouds of hopelessness.

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