Essay on new theater which opened in the city

Essay on new theater which opened in the city

It’s great news knowing that a new movie theatre is being built in our neighborhood. Not only is it beneficial for the residents, who will finally have a long awaited entertainment opportunity in close proximity, but will also earn good revenue for the local community bodies.

Inhabitants here, including me, have always complained about not having a weekend hangout place within the town. Not only has it been inconvenient to travel those extra miles to watch a movie, it has also damaged the town’s reputation, as not having an entertainment and commercial hub has always acted as an obstacle in making the town seem like an attractive neighborhood to live in. Having better amenities in close vicinity might help rebuild the image of our town.

It’s not merely the movie theatre I am so excited about. I’m sure this theatre will act as a magnet attracting many more interesting activities to be introduced in town, like restaurants and food courts. A larger influx of people visiting the movie theatre might also encourage developers to invest more in our town and who knows in a few years we might actually have better malls and commercial centers made here; this could even help increase the land value eventually. How great is that!

I may sound a little too optimistic about it, but I really feel this is a great opportunity for our town to change the boredom that has long been associated with its public perception. Thus, I truly commend this great initiative being taken by the town authorities.

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