Essay on how to increase the literacy in Pakistan

Essay on how to increase the literacy in Pakistan

Pakistan is an under developed country where literacy rate is quite minimal. It means that a great magnitude of people are less or uneducated and they are living their lives under miserable conditions.

The root cause of illiteracy in Pakistan is poverty. Most of the people have to struggle for their basic needs and fail to fulfill their requirements.

Indeed, the educational facilities provided by the government are undergraded. Government should allocate more funds for the education sector to promote the literacy rate in Pakistan. The status of illiteracy is worst in rural areas. The early education is even not available there. If we seriously want to upgrade our literacy rate, we should focus on the rural areas as well.

Free education system should be promoted so that people belongs to the lowest class can get benefit as well. Some zakat based schools should be established so that people can join hands with government to ameliorate this problem. Another key factor of higher illetracy rate in Pakistan is child labor. Child benefits should be provided by the government and strict laws should be implemented to forbid parents to use their children to make money. The private sector should play its role to propagate education in the country.

Today, education in Pakistan is for those who can afford the high fee structure of private schools. Elite class, Bureaucrats and high officials are not paying any attention to educate the peasantry. They are retaining education within their circle, that’s why rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer in our society. Private sector should allocate a number of seats for the lower social class to cater them with good and free education

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