Essay on Health problems of Pakistan

Essay on Health problems of Pakistan

Health problems of Pakistan

"My son died while we were taking him to the hospital ", a mother tearfully remarked in a local television reality show.This gives us a glimpse; in what condition our health sector is in?Pakistan's health department is in a muddle of numerous problems .A few major ones are: an under-nutritioned population, inadequate funding, corruption, lack of sense of responsibility and desire to serve the nation by a large number of doctors.

Not surprisingly, our experts whether they are doctors or any other type of paramedical staff; usually do not have the patriotism and will that their profession requires. This may be due to less salaries by the government but this is not always the case. The recent boycott by young doctors is not a hidden matter. The way they left the tormenting patients suffering from devilishly serious diseases,is a reflection of the true picture of their ideology. It was an open opposition of their oath, they took before becoming so-called doctors-one who cures pain, not causes it.

On the other hand, governmental ignorance and incapability to effectively manage this crucial sector has become a burning question. It seems that the concerned authorities do not pay tuppence to the well-being of the population. State-owned hospitals are in a miserable state. Not only there is a severe dearth of finance , professionals, equipments, staff and control but frequently 'mistakes'are made. It is common to hear the tales of victims filled with melancholy. For instance,while operating left leg of the hapless patient, right one was being operated due to some error or their 'this or that', placing a wrong organ in an inapt part of the body. And even more painful, in lieu of curing one disease another is caught by the patient due to some other medicines being given which were not for that particular patient. Many professionals are then even not accountable for their crimes. Simultaneously, people have to travel hundreds and thousands of miles to get to some sort of medical aid.Meanwhile anything can happen to the one in lurch and need. In emergency cases do not be shocked by the selfishness and pathetic rules.Suppose i got an injury in a road accident, I will not be looked-after until someone fills the form on my behalf or pay the fee or call my family.

Furthermore, there are long queues just to get a receipt for an appointment with the doctor. Thus, a whole-day is wasted and many have to return because doctor is not available or the time is over for meeting.The more you contemplate, the more you become confused by the bizarre system managed by the people having hearts of stone or might be heartless.Nevertheless, you can avoid all these hurdles and relish a good health-go for private clinics and healthcare centres. All you need is money. But how many Pakistanis can afford it -just a handful of opulent people.Indicating that more than 95% of poor, helpless and innocent citizens do not have access to their most basic right -health.

I hopefully believe that in near or far future everything will be improved.Every citizen, despite that from which social class he belongs to, will get a better medical care. Nonetheless, this will not be without the cost, many of our brothers and sisters paid-becoming victims of this cruel and neglected sector.

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