Essay on Freedom of Speech

Essay on Freedom of Speech

Respecting difference of opinion and celebrating new ideas is what keeps a nation live. Diversity in people’s mind sets is natural, but progressive countries are ones who cherish this intellectual multiplicity of creative minds, be it writers, musicians, visual artists or film makers. Hence, I commend the author’s point of view that the governments must not oppress creative artists’ right to express.

Government’s encouragement to freedom in expression of novel ideas compels people never to get complacent with their current condition, influencing them to always keep striving for betterment.  It induces a progressive spirit in them, encouraging them to think out of the box and take up challenges to bring innovations, in turn gaining their country international fame and recognition.

It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, these days publicizing issues that are social or religious taboos or incidents that target people’s integrity, be it a public figure or an ethnic group, in most cases provoking extreme reactions both nationally and internationally, is a common act. Such immoral publicity stunts are the modern day epidemic, plaguing the true spirit of freedom of expression and endangering the countless possibilities of constructive acts that this tool can be used as a means to carry out.

I thus conclude that not only is it important for the government to encourage freedom of speech and expression among creative minds, it is also obligatory for these professionals to avoid misusing this sacred opportunity.

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