Essay on Education in Pakistan

Essay on Education in Pakistan

Education is a fundamental human right. Pakistan is among those developing countries where people are mostly deprived of good quality education. In Pakistan, educational system doesn’t meet the international standards. There should be some substantial amendments to make the educational system better in Pakistan.

Educational institutes are the resource centers for a nation. The worsening status of government schools in Pakistan needs to be reviewed immediately. People who belong to the financially lower class send their children to government schools because they cannot afford the high dues of private schools. In most of the government schools, the faculty is incompetent and children do not get the basic facilities. Government should implement considerable policies to appoint trained and sincere faculty and should offer them respectable salary.

Books should be provided from the government fund. There should be a Zakat fund for the orphans or deserved students to carry on their education. Rural areas should be on priority list to ameliorate the eduactional system as most of them are even underprivileged of basic education.

Institutes should promote different scholarships. Flexible contract based International scholarships should be executed so that people serve their country well. Institutes should cater different areas to facilitate people. To improve the educational system in Pakistan, government should be actively involved in the policy making and should collaborate with other private institutes.

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