Best Tips for NTS GAT General Quantitative (Math) Part

Best Tips for NTS GAT General Quantitative (Math) Part

GAT General Math Tip no.1
When you would be appearing for the GAT exam there are going to be at least 3 to 4 questions which are going to be related to age. The questions would be that 4 years ago the age of father was 3 times the age of his son, what would the age of son be now. At Pacans we are going to work on the different types of age-questions.

GAT General Math Tip no.2
You would never find a question in the book which is going to come on the exam. GAT exam is made on the pattern of the GRE exam so you should expect everything to be unseen and they would be testing your concepts. Most candidates fail to achieve their desired score because their concepts are very week.

GAT General Math Tip no.3
There are going to be very few questions related to Geometry. If you have limited time for the preparation of GAT exam, we would recommend you to just skip the Geometry section as only 3 to 4 questions are going to come from the Geometry part.

GAT General Math Tip no.4
Arithmetic section is going to be the trickiest part, as it is difficult to do the easiest thing. Most candidates would be doing arithmetic questions after about 10 years and they could have forgotten all the basic concepts of Math. It is essential for the students and the preparation center to cover all those concepts so that the students remember all the concepts again.

GAT General Math Tip no.5
Every question is going to ask you to apply two concepts at the same time. GAT Math is nothing about memorizing formulas and applying them. GAT Math will actually force you to come up with your own formula for solving the questions. There is no easy way to cover the math part in Gat exam. You will always have to do it the hard way. There are no short cuts in life.

GAT General Math Tip no.6
You can expect to find a lot of questions coming from the arithmetic part and these questions are actually going to force your brain to work very quickly. You will be a victim of Pakistani education if you just think that you will do practice and pass the exam. Practice would do you no good unless you are good at applying the concepts.

GAT General Math Tip no.7
The main concern for students is to make an equation after reading a word problem. The worst thing about Pakistani education is that people study but they do not learn. At Pacans we are going to work as much as possible to make you good at reading statements and making equations from it, but please remember that it will take time and there is no possible way you could develop this skill in 1 month.

GAT General Math Tip no.8
You will have to remember that there are going to be some questions which are going to irritate you a lot. You will have to practice those kinds of questions as soon as possible. Each student will have his or her own weak area and you will have to actually do the questions to know which question is going to give you trouble.

GAT General Math Tip no.9
You would not have a calculator in the GAT General exam, so you will have to practice simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. GAT students usually get 4 to 5 questions wrong for doing these silly or unnecessary mistakes.

GAT General Math Tip no.10
Math section in the GAT exam is mainly going to be concerned with your English. You will hardly find 10 questions which will simply require you to solve a simply math question, more than 60% of the questions on the exam are going to be word problems or statement questions which will require to understand English to attempt the question.

GAT General Math Tip no.11
No matter which preparation center you choose, never expect them to teach you everything in one month. I know that most students coming for the preparation center would be the ones who have already taken the exam and failed the exam, so they would have serious concern about passing the exam but it does not mean that you should freak out and ask the preparation center to cover everything in one month.

GAT General Math Tip no.12
You will get some questions which will require you to know about even, odd, composite and primes numbers. I am sure that you would have done these things before but you would have probably forgotten these things.

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