BA English Essay: Science an enemy of man
Rudimentary knowledge of science leads us to believe that science has only facilitated us in this world, but contrary to this wrong belief science as done some serious damage to the human kind. There are even some religions which consider science a bad omen and a devil which should be eliminated from the life of a human being.

I would like to tell you about some of the bad things which have been come to this world because of science. Science has been a tool of evil men to manipulate the minds of the people and make them do things which they deem to believe necessary for their success. The perfect example would be weapons of mass destruction. Do you know that we human beings are living in the world where 60% of the worth is covered by water and 20% is covered by wildlife and yet we human being fight with each other for the acquisition of land and resources.

There are many people who believe that all medicines and remedies have been developed because of science, but the reality is that these medicines have always existed because they were mostly consisting in the plants but some very big organizations have used science to make expensive medicines, and the reason they presented for such price is the research which they have to do to make the medicine, but in actual these herbs and medicines are a blessing of Allah and science claims it to be an invention of it.