BA English Essay: Most daring deed

Our life is like a roller coaster which shows us everything in the ride we are bound to take. I still remember the day. I still cannot believe how did I get the audacity to do I did, but the comforting fact is that what I did was the right thing to do. I think that a daring act is only justified if it is to remove an injustice which is prevailing in our world. To remove an unjustified act we have to use unjustified means to achieve them

My school was earning 400% profit on the books they were providing us. We students conveyed our concern to the management but the management utterly rejected our proposal of reducing the prices after which we decided not to buy books from the school and use other books. This daring act caught a lot of attention and particularly the attention of the principal who suspended me from school with hearing out my explanation.

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