BA English Essay: Child labor
Child labor is a concept in which a person under the age of 18 indulges himself into to paid work. People often associated this idea with the third world countries and many people seem to believe that the developing countries were the pioneers of this kind of work, when according to the facts all these first world countries engaged the children in to the work in the industrial revolutions which were held in their country.
Some people contemplate that the working at younger age make a person skilled and it is vital for the future and the children should not barred from working, but I think otherwise. I see no benefits associated with the practice of child labor whatsoever. I strongly feel that not only the government, but also the people should make all efforts to abolish it from the society.
Firstly, child labor deprives the child of his or her childhood. A child has every right to enjoy his life, but child labor takes away this right mercifully. It is both duty and right of a child to acquire knowledge, but engaging in some kind of work make it impossible as two things cannot be done by a single child.
Secondly, child labor always makes a child vulnerable to dangerous situations. For instance most of the countries in this word declared child labor to be illegal even though it is being practiced, so the children who work under the age of 18 are practically working illegally so their employers do not provide them safe environment moreover they also pay them less as no else would be ready to hire them as employees. Most of the accidents in the factories are connected to the children because either they are not skilled enough or the task which they are supposed to perform is dangerous.
You may ask any in this world about the problem in their world and everyone will undoubtedly say unemployment and low economic growth. I am going to tell how child stimulates these two problems and worsens the situation further. In a country like Pakistan there is a high unemployment rate because the skilled people cannot find jobs due to the fact the greedy employers can easily hire children at a much lower rate. As these children are not skilled, they are bound to make mistakes. This lessens the production which finally ignited the problem of low economic growth.