Short note on Favorite Burger  

People might answer this question by telling the names of different fast food brand. But I do not like burger from any fast food chain. In fact, I like home made burger cooked by my mother. In our family, we have a tradition cooking burger on Eid day. I know, it might sound strange to you because usually families cook any sweet dish to the Eid day. But in our family, it is opposite. We siblings do not sweet dishes on Eid day. So, our mother cooked us home made zinger burger. I do not remember how and when it started but according to my memories. It is tradition, since my childhood. Hence, it is my favorite burger. I wait for Eid not to wear new clothes and shoes, though I still get excited by the idea of new clothes and eidi off course, but to eat the burger with home made fries. My Favorite burger along with favorite part of Eid.