Paragraph on how to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan
Different governments promised to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan, but none of them have been able to make a notable advancement in the literacy rate. I want to propose a solution to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan. The first thing a government could do is to increase the budget which is to be allocated towards education. The second thing is hiring or employing people with skills on key posts so that they could give good education. The third thing is to create awareness amongst people about the importance of education and the urgency to learn so that we could compete with the world. The last and foremost thing is to show the connection between Islam and education. Most people in Pakistan are Muslims and they are still unaware of the fact that Islam promotes education. There is an even when Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that he would set free the prisoners who would teach Muslims. By this we can seek to comprehend to what degree education is importance in Islam.